The Hope Creative

What is it?

Based around the ethos of the Artist Pedagogy* The Hope Creative is a group that is open to children in care (CiC) from 7-18 years old and their community. It explores singing and creative musical activities in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The groups are split into two age groups – a younger group in the morning and older in the afternoon. The young people get the opportunity to: Learn, create, play, perform, write and record. They have access to a range of high quality instruments and technology.

Why do it?

Encourages collaboration and enables young people to explore their artistic potential.
Provides children with the tools they need to build confidence.
Develops creativity and communication skills
Takes place in a safe and supportive environment which encourages children in care to develop the resilience they need to succeed in their adult life.

How much does it cost?

It is free for all young people and their communities to attend this session. The project has been funded by Bristol Music Trust, The National Foundation for Youth Music and The Quartet Community Foundation. We have also been able to arrange for young people and their community involved in this project to benefit from concessions to attend selected shows at Colston Hall.

When & where?

We will be running two groups across the city, based in Southmead. These sessions will take place on a Sunday, once a month.

Welcome to
Bristol Beacon

On Wednesday 23 September 2020 Colston Hall changed its name to Bristol Beacon.

Our new name is just the first step, it is about more than the sign above our door. Click below to find out more about how we’re changing, watch our name announcement, and discover how we want everyone to share in the joy of live music.

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