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Bristol’s arts and culture is what makes our city a vibrant place to live. But Covid-19 has hit Bristol’s music venues, theatres, cinemas, festivals and all the artists, freelancers, suppliers and volunteers who contribute to their success like nothing else in the city’s history.

To make sure that the plight of Bristol’s cultural life stays high on our MPs’ agenda, it’s vital that local people let them know how and why it’s important to them.

You can make a difference by writing to your MP.  A personal letter, rather than a template, will really help your MP speak up for what you care about in Parliament.

Here’s a few writing tips to ensure your letter makes an impact.

Be clear about your aims:

  • Help MPs to understand what Bristol’s culture brings to your life
  • Explain the importance of culture to Bristol’s success and development
  • Ask them to take action to help you

What to write:

  • Grab their attention in the first paragraph
  • Make it personal – tell them how local culture positively impacts you with facts and examples, and what you’ll lose if it disappears
  • Ask for them to do something specific

How to format and send it:

  • Keep it short and easy to read – 1 side of A4 is good, a simple size 11 font
  • Print out the letter and sign it
  • Send a written letter in a plain envelope with handwritten address so it doesn’t look like a business letter
  • e-mail a copy to them, but let them know it is a copy

Find your MP

If you’re unsure of who your local MP is or how to contact them click below to find out.


Thank you for showing your support!

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