LISTEN: ‘Bristol Is Our Playground’ by Lady Nade & Mini Singers

Over the last few weeks we’ve been releasing brand new tracks by Bristol artists, commissioned as part of our city-wide project A New Song For Bristol, and inspired by or made in collaboration with individuals and groups from across Bristol.

For the last few months, these artists have been working with groups to create their tracks, and over the next few weeks Bristol Beacon will be sharing these brand-new pieces of music.

‘Bristol Is Our Playground’ is the final track out of seven to be released. It was written by was written by singer songwriter Lady Nade during the last lockdown, and was created in collaboration with members of Mini Singers, Bristol Beacon’s choir for Key Stage 1 children

Listen to ‘Bristol Is Our Playground’, below.

Listen to ‘Bristol Is Our Playground’ by Lady Nade & Mini Singers

The making of the track

What was it like working on the song with Mini Singers for A New Song For Bristol?  

Due to the pandemic my time with the Mini Singers was short but sweet, we had a 20min session together during an after school afternoon choir rehearsal. I asked them what life had been like being schooled from home and what Bristol meant to them, what they enjoyed about being home schooled and what they missed about school, they scribed how they had made Bristol their playground which sparked the inspiration behind the song. I talked to them individually and as a group and left with pictures I asked them to draw that represented Bristol I turned our conversations and images into the song titled ‘Bristol is Our Playground’.

What do you think about the finished product?

I loved writing with the Mini Singers, writing with children is always much fun as the inner critic hasn’t fully come in to awareness yet – as we tend to get older the inner critic knows exactly what’s needed to trigger your tender inner child’s worst fears of not being good enough, smart enough, or of being too much. Taking a trip to outer-space was just a great example of what an adult may not have included in a song about Bristol, what’s the relevance?! I love this kind of magic.

The song was a collaboration and I’m really proud of the final product, the freedom of a child’s mind will inspire me in future writing and albums.

About Lady Nade

Lady Nade started writing poems and songs as a form of healing from grief, performing in venues across her native city of Bristol, her work developed into a calling to connect with her fans on a deeper level and help lead them through life’s complicated tapestry with the healing power of music. She pours creativity into every song, often  lavishing them with a recipe to match.

Lady Nade has learnt that loss and grief isn’t something one can recover from alone and with her music and recipes she creates a communal experience that everyone can enter into on their own terms.

Performing in countless locations, from underground bars to festival fields, concert venues and European cities supporting the likes of Grammy Nominated ‘Yola’ and recently appearing on Channel 4 ‘Traitors’. Her increasing profile has earned her endorsement from Taylor Guitars, Sontronics and Icon Films, earning plaudits on BBC2 Mark Radcliffe – The Folk Show, BBC Bristol Introducing. France National Radio and Sam Bain (writer of Peep show and Freshman) ‘Yours Truly, Pierre Stone’ BB4 Radio Show.

The ingredients for her follow up album ‘Safe Place’ are simmering away nicely, and will be brought to the table in Spring 2021. 

Mini Singers

Mini Singers is Bristol Beacon’s fun and free choir for young children currently in years 1 & 2 at school.
Mini Singers come along for games, activities, movement and actions, funny songs, made-up songs and almost forgotten and (but not quite) songs. No auditions necessary, just bring a smile.

About A New Song For Bristol

Back in November we launched A New Song For Bristol, a city-wide project calling out to the Bristol public to submit their experiences of life in Bristol over the course of the last year, through words and music.

Alongside the public callout, we commissioned a collection of new songs created by a diverse range of artists, inspired by or made in collaboration with individuals and groups from across Bristol.

Click here to read more about the public responses and listen to the latest artist tracks.

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