LISTEN: ‘Lockdown Riddim’ by Grove & Hope Creative

Over the last few weeks we’ve been releasing brand new tracks by Bristol artists, commissioned as part of our city-wide project A New Song For Bristol, and inspired by or made in collaboration with individuals and groups from across Bristol.

For the last few months, these artists have been working with groups to create their tracks, and over the next few weeks Bristol Beacon will be sharing these brand-new pieces of music.

‘Lockdown Riddim’ is the sixth track out of seven to be released. It was written by was written by producer and vocalist Grove during the last lockdown and was created in collaboration with members of Hope CreativeBristol Beacon’s creative programme for children in care. 

Listen to ‘Lockdown Riddim’, below, and read all about the process of making the track.

Listen to ‘Lockdown Riddim’ by Grove & Hope Creative

The making of the track

What’s the inspiration behind the track?  

I think that in the midst of lockdown, it had the potential to be this all-consuming negative experience – especially for young people. When posing the topic to the young people in Hope Creative, I wanted to fully honour their genuine experience, good or bad, of the 10 months of various lockdowns we’d experienced (at the time), whilst also encouraging taking a perspective that looked to the future as bursting with potential. I’m hoping people will look back and appreciate the resilience they had in order to get through this.

How did the creative process work? 

So I ran a 1.5 hour songwriting workshop with around 10 young people over Zoom. It was nice and laid-back, and their lovely mentors were there every step of the way leading by example and encouraging the young people to share their ideas.

We started off by showing each other our favourite music, thinking about what makes a good song and landed on writing around the idea of the effects of COVID. After sharing ideas, we started weaving various ideas together. I then took these ideas away, produced a track around them and refined some of the lyrics further whilst keeping the essence of what was shared.

What was it like creating a song in this collaborative way?  

It was great! Collaboration is the spice of life. And, learning about the different experiences from different generations is definitely important. To have a cross-generational understanding of the effects of such a seismic shift in the world is vital in knowing how to move forward.

What do you think about the finished product? 

I’m very happy with it. I think it’s got a bright element to it, but it also uses a lot of darker noises – which I think sums up the lyrical content of the piece, and also the overall lockdown experience.

How has the last year or so been for you, and has this creative process helped you reflect on your experience?  

It’s been a tricky year, for sure. There have been a lot of big changes in terms of my personal life, which have been challenging but I’ve also been doing a lot of self-work, re-prioritising and learning.

Finally, what’s in the pipeline next for you – what are you working on? 

I’m working on a few collaborations, EPs and visual projects currently, with peers who I highly respect – which is very exciting!

Never quite sticking to a set “sound”, but allowing it to morph and be fluid – which is my absolute favourite thing to hear in other artists, so slowly gaining the confidence to allow myself to do that has been freeing.

About Grove

Grove is a Bristol-based vocalist, producer and DJ. Their music combines feminine and masculine energies that reside within, filtering them through an innovative, sensuous & rave-inspired sound. Their debut EP ‘Queer + Black’ is an exploration of identity, both personal and political, it is a deft combination of sharp hooks and splintering beats beamed in from a club in 3021 AD.

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Hope Creative

The Hope Creative are music sessions run by Bristol Beacon designed to give vulnerable young people in care a space where they can discover what they enjoy through music.

Led by a team of skilled music practitioners, The Hope Creative music sessions give opportunities for young people to express themselves. Whether that’s singing a song, practicing a song or experimenting with music production, the young people decide what they want to explore.

About A New Song For Bristol

Back in November we launched A New Song For Bristol, a city-wide project calling out to the Bristol public to submit their experiences of life in Bristol over the course of the last year, through words and music.

Alongside the public callout, we commissioned a collection of new songs created by a diverse range of artists, inspired by or made in collaboration with individuals and groups from across Bristol.

Click here to read more about the public responses and listen to the latest artist tracks.

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