LISTEN: ‘Only For Now’ by Kayla Painter & FLOW Creative

Over the next few weeks we’re releasing a collection of new tracks we commissioned as part of our city-wide project  A New Song For Bristol, created by a diverse range of artists, inspired by or made in collaboration with individuals and groups from across Bristol.

This new track is a collaboration between electronic artist and producer Kayla Painter and FLOW Creative, Bristol Beacon’s music making club for young musicians with additional needs. Kayla worked with the FLOW group online during lockdown, recording sounds the participants found and created from their surroundings.

Listen to their new track, ‘Only For Now’, below, and read all about the process of making the track.

Listen to ‘Only For Now’ by Kayla Painter and FLOW Creative

The making of the track

What’s the inspiration behind the track? 

Kayla: The inspiration behind the track was to represent FLOW creative’s work around lockdown in Bristol, through Zoom.  I wanted to capture the essence of their ideas through the Zoom session and use the aesthetic of video calls in the track.  This felt important as it has been the only way we’ve been able to connect with people for the majority of 2019-2020.

How did the creative process work? 

We had a Zoom call together where we played games, created sounds, jammed, and also the group showed me a track and lyrics they had already been working on.  My job as a producer was to take all of those elements and represent them in a track with a bit of my production style thrown in.

I captured the sounds from the groups’ homes, from the games we played, as well as the conversations we had that I could sample in the track.  I used elements of their lyrics and the song they’d already created to help shape the track as well.

What was it like creating a song in this collaborative way? 

It was a great experience working with a bunch of creative participants and essentially just throwing everything into the (Zoom) room.  What was really exciting about creating a song this way was that I had no idea what we would come up with or how it would go! So it felt very open and shaped by the experience.

What do you think about the finished product? 

I’m really pleased with how it has turned out.  I think you can really hear the different participants’ input in all the different elements.  Of course there are obvious bits like snippets of conversations but also just how they all influenced the tempo, the structure, and the wider track.

How has the last year or so been for you, and has this creative process helped you reflect on your experience? 

It’s hard to comment on the last year because it’s been such an unimaginable time. Obviously it has been hard with no gigs, but it means I’ve had a lot more creativity in the studio. Getting to the point where we can release this piece of work that was entirely born and created in lockdown feels like a pivotal moment, as we move towards a new era, post pandemic (fingers crossed).

Finally, what’s in the pipeline next for you – what are you working on?

I’ll be releasing a new EP later this year which I cannot wait to share! I’m also finishing off some brand new live show material, I hope to have some dates for the new Immersive 3D show announced soon!

About Kayla Painter

Kayla Painter is a composer, producer and sound design artist. Supported through Gilles Peterson’s ‘Future Bubblers’ talent development program, Kayla has continued to make a lasting impact on key tastemakers in the UK. Her releases have received heavy airplay and features, with spins from Mary-Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson, Tom Ravenscroft, Nemone and Huw Stephens on BBC 6Music, as well as Phil Taggart (BBC Radio 1) and BBC
Introducing. She has written music for Disney, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and a range of independent films, as well as having been commissioned by Universal Publishing to write an EP for synch.

Having grown up a multi-instrumentalist, and playing in more conventional bands at University, Painter’s personal journey led her deeper into electronic music production. Her academic work focuses on the human relationship with sound, and this is reflected in her compositions. She is a passionate explorer of the creative potential within field recording; her compositions bristle with self-sourced timbres captured in an enduring spirit of experimentation. She also uses her platform to explore specific themes both personal and external: 2018’s Cannibals At Sea grappled with her mixed Fijian-British heritage, juxtaposing Pacific islander beliefs with British working class values in a compelling exploration of her own identity and the wider world around her.

About FLOW Creative

FLOW Creative is a regular music making club for young musicians aged 11-25 with additional needs who want to have fun, be creative, and make new music and new friends. Open to young people of any level of musical ability, participants can play instruments, write songs, compose, produce, sing, rap, and much more. Each session is designed around the group’s specific interests and needs, and our expert workshop leaders are on hand to help participants take their music making to the next level.

Find out more about FLOW Creative here.

Listen to more from FLOW Creative on Soundcloud

About A New Song For Bristol

Back in November we launched A New Song For Bristol, a city-wide project calling out to the Bristol public to submit their experiences of life in Bristol over the course of the last year, through words and music.

Alongside the public callout, we commissioned a collection of new songs created by a diverse range of artists, inspired by or made in collaboration with individuals and groups from across Bristol.

Click here to read more about the public responses and listen to the latest artist tracks.

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