5 A Day Music – Healthy noise for your mind, body and voice

In May we launched our 5 A Day Music – A Recovery Resource for Schools campaign which is a guide for embedding mental health, wellbeing and recovery through the arts into primary age children’s everyday learning spaces.

5 A Day Music – A Recovery Resource for Schools has been developed by the Creative Learning and Engagement team at Bristol Beacon with the support of our partners at Sing UpFriday Afternoons, and Minute of Listening.

We hope this resource helps to inspire music, creativity and healthy minds with our short, fun and easy, practical suggestions and activities to use in the classroom. From boosting our immune systems to shaping communities, music can improve our quality of life.

Just like eating five fruit and vegetables a day, take time to do five things with your class to improve wellbeing, explore identities and support recovery.

The resource has been designed to help teachers and schools with students who may be recovering from the impacts of the pandemic. Discover more about the 5 A Day Music resource for schools here.

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