Bristol Plays Music appoints new Hub Leader

Bristol Plays Music, the city’s music education hub, has announced an exciting appointment. Phil Castang joins from the Olympic borough of Newham and will head the team as Hub Leader championing both formal and informal music education in the city.

Phil Castang, who for 13 years managed the International Guitar Foundation and the accompanying Festival in Bath, was formerly the Hub Lead in Newham. An area of funding and investment post London 2012, it won the prestigious Music Hub ‘Diploma Award’ from the National Music Council for inclusive, imaginative and high quality education work, after Phil had only been in post for a year.

Based at Colston Hall, Bristol Plays Music aims to ensure that every young person has access to music education activities and a platform for musical expression. The organisation joins up the opportunities for teaching, learning and performance and promotes an inspiring shared culture of music making whilst drawing upon the extraordinary richness of talent across the city.

Phil is a respected music leader with over 20 years’ experience. He sits on the Education Steering Group of London Symphony Orchestra’s On Track education project and has worked closely with the Barbican to set up the East London and City Culture Partnership.

Louise Mitchell, Chief Executive of Bristol Music Trust which runs Bristol Plays Music, said

“Phil is an outstanding appointment to lead Bristol’s Music Education Hub. His track record includes working with some of the most challenging communities in London and making a real difference to the way in which young people learn about music. It’s a great marker for what we hope to achieve in Bristol: provide high quality music education for all.”

Phil Castang, Hub Leader for Bristol Plays Music, said

“Bristol has such a strong and creative music making community. We have an ambition to make Bristol the music making capital for children and young people and I can’t wait to start the journey.”

Another new appointment to the Bristol Plays Music team is the role of Schools Champion, which has been taken up by Eiron Bailey, the current Director of Music Specialism at Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

Alongside his current role, Eiron will champion the work of Bristol Plays Music to the formal education sector, providing the Hub with a schools perspective on their strategies and work to attract the attention of the wider music sector.

Eiron Bailey explains,

“I’m impressed and excited with the changes happening in Bristol’s music provision and am looking forward to joining the strong team to help it become the City of Music for all our young people.”

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