Bristol Plays Music goes to Singapore

Andy Gleadhill, head of Bristol Plays Music, Bristol Music Trusts Music Education Hub recently visited Singapore, here is his report

“I was invited to Singapore to present at a music conference at the Youg Siew Toh Conservatory of Music but when the Singapore Ministry of Education got wind of my visit they asked if I could deliver some training to their music teachers. They were particularly interested in how they can involve their young people in practical music making and composing using music from around the world, something we have pioneered and delivered very successfully here in Bristol for many years. Over three days I worked with over 120 Singapore music teachers. Their enthusiasm to learn about arrange of world music styles including African Drumming, Caribbean reggae and Indian Raga was fantastic despite it being unfamiliar to many of them and out of their comfort zone. I like to think that young people in Singapore are now enjoying a wider range of music styles in their music lessons as their teachers try out their new found skills. Afterwards at the conference I ran an African Drumming session with around 80 delegates playing African D’jembe drums, we had a great time and made a terrific sound as well as explaining how we use these sessions to teach all the elements of music in lots of Bristol Primary Schools. At the end delegates were keen to have their photo taken with me and their D’jembe, a very Asia experience”

You can view one of Andy’s African Drumming workshops below


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