Let’s get classical, classical…

In just a few weeks’ time our new Classical Season kicks off with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Not sure if live classical music is for you? We’ve thought of five reasons why you might not come and debunked them. You’re welcome.

1. I don’t understand what it’s all about.

Hey – do you know what Jedward is all about? Us neither. But in contrast to Jedward’s WOW OH WOW, classical music is quite simply extraordinary music. Ok, there’s a bit of history if you’re interested, and we can provide you with the headlines. Editor of BBC Music Magazine Oliver Condy and Music Educator Jonathan James give mini video lectures for each and every concert, the first of which are being released this week – subscribe to our YouTube Channel for these. You’ll also get them direct to your e-mail inbox if you buy a ticket, along with some bite-sized notes on the composers and the pieces on the programme, so you can swot up before the concert or peruse them at your leisure afterwards. Good eh?

Don’t miss Jonathan James’ History of Classical Music in 50 minutes talk on 19 Sep – tickets are free, reserve yours at the Box Office or here, and pick up on the night.

2. Isn’t it expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. You can come to one of our International Classical Season Concerts for as little as £10 with a Secret Seat ticket. These are great for giving classical a go if you’re on a budget. You buy your Secret Seat online or at the box office, after which you get a voucher. You then exchange it for a valid ticket on the night of the concert, when you’ll be allocated the best available seat. But be quick – these seats have limited availability. Speak to a member of staff at the Box Office for the full details.

3. I could listen to it at home.

Well, yes you could. But it’s not a night out is it? You don’t get to see the spectacle of 40+ musicians on stage all playing at once. And the sound is completely untampered with – no mics, no synthesisers, nada. It’s pure sound. Take it from the experts like Sir Mark Elder and Milos Karadaglic – watch our video:

4. But I don’t have anything posh to wear.

No probs. The whole dressing up malarkey is a myth. Wear a shirt or nice pair of shoes if you want to, but if you’re more comfortable in your beat-up Converse trainers, that’s fine too.

5. I don’t know what concert to choose.

Take a look at our Season Starter Guide for the season at a glance and a few recommendations from Oliver Condy, or browse the full brochure on Issuu. Have a listen to some of the works on Spotify, or tell us the sort of thing you’re after and we’ll give you a few ideas – tweet us at @colston_hall or find us on Facebook .

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