St Pauls Carnival Anthem released to raise the roof and vital funds

St Pauls Carnival returns to celebrate its historic 50th anniversary on Saturday 7 July and has released an official anthem to celebrate the theme of Unity and raise vital funds to support the organisation who run the event.

Called Colours of the City, the upbeat anthem was written and performed by six teenage musicians who worked with Aspiration Creation Elevation, based at Docklands Youth Centre in St Pauls, and Bristol Plays Music, the city’s award-winning music hub. The musicians were selected from Aspiration Creation Elevation’s youth talent projects based on their talent and enthusiasm for music.

Professional Bristol musicians Tanya Lacey and Javeon acted as artist mentors, giving the young musicians guidance when producing the track. The musicians have used the history of Carnival and its role in Bristol’s culture as inspiration for the words and music.

Colours of the City will be released on Friday 29 June via Bandcamp and can be purchased for 50p, with all proceeds going to St Pauls Carnival CIC to help ensure the event continues long into the future. The anthem will also be performed at Carnival in the Unity Youth Zone and on the main stage by the artists, vocalists Romany, Kalila, Xyzelle and MCs Stripzz, Jibzy, Tony Bandz.


It’s a hugely significant year for St Pauls Carnival, which returns for the first time in four years to its rightful place as a highlight of the city’s cultural calendar. The event, which started back in 1968, has brought people from across Bristol, the UK and the world to the area to celebrate the very best in African Caribbean culture.

Carnival represents the immense creativity and diversity that enriches Bristol and crosses generations and breaks down boundaries. With a theme of Unity, the 2018 event is involving multiple organisations from across the city and, as always, the local community.

The anthem is a result of collaboration between St Pauls Carnival (Bristol) CIC, Aspiration Creation Elevation and Bristol Plays Music, which is run by Bristol Music Trust.

The Trust, which also runs Colston Hall, has also been working with six primary schools across the city to deliver steelpan workshops with pupils. The children have been learning a music programme specifically written for Carnival, and on 7 July will perform as the St Pauls Carnival Steelpan Youth Orchestra at the Mandela’s Hideaway Stage, filling the air with one of the familiar sounds of the Caribbean.

Carnival organisers and the Music Trust hope that this collaboration marks the start of a partnership to create further opportunities for the city’s residents to engage in music making and understand more about St Pauls Carnival’s heritage.

Julz Davis, Managing Director of St Pauls Carnival CIC, said:

“With it being our 50th anniversary we’re delighted to have teamed up with all the partners to jointly deliver such exciting projects that amplifies the Carnival’s history whilst supporting the next generation of artists. By downloading the song not only will you be supporting great home-grown talent you’ll also be investing in the future of the Carnival.”

Louise Mitchell, Chief Executive of Bristol Music Trust, said:

“St Pauls Carnival is a cultural highlight in Bristol, bringing people together in celebration, and we’re proud to support and work in partnership with them in their 50th anniversary year, particularly with the city’s young people.”

“Carnival’s theme of unity really struck a chord with us – there is no more unifying force than music, a force which underpins all of the work of Bristol Music Trust and is at the heart of our plans as we embark on the transformation of Colston Hall. Working with partners we can ensure that the people of Bristol and beyond have plenty of opportunities to join together, listen and participate in the brilliance of live music.”

Darren Alexander, Managing Director of ACE, said:

“Aspiration Creation Elevation (ACE) pride ourselves on empowering young people through arts activities, role-model guidance and inspirational experiences… this project ticked all the boxes and more.

We witnessed these six talented young people collaborate, learn and grow into more skilled, confident and inspired artists.

This unique opportunity highlighted the value of organisations coming together to invest in young people, all for a great cause.”

You can help support another 50 years of Carnival by downloading Colours of the City – the St Pauls Carnival 50th Anniversary Anthem for 50p via the link below.


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