Season 1, Ep. 5 – Creative Learning, From School To Stage

Why should we teach music in schools? How can music help people with dementia? What has a concert hall got to do with hip-hop?

Bristol Music Trust is not only embarking on an ambitious physical transformation of Colston Hall, but is also on a mission to ensure the power of music is shared by everyone. Harriet Robinson chats to Phil Castang, our Director of Creative Learning and Engagement, about the Trust’s role in running the city’s music education hub – responsible for delivering music education through schools and music centres across the city, and the impact that work can have.

She also meets Julia Roderick to discuss how over the next two years of transformation, the Hall is developing ambitious new projects that will ensure that young and old alike in Bristol’s communities are able to engage their passion for music, including in settings such as hospitals and libraries.

And finally, Harriet meets Solomon O.B, who explains how through the Hall’s Multi-Track programme, he has been supported to develop as a rising spoken-word and hip-hop artist.


Photos of our Creative Learning and Engagement work

Young people taking part in school singing programme.
Multi-Track alumni and musician Solomon O.B
Community choir performing at Colston Hall


Presented by Harriet Robinson
Produced by Louise Orchard, 2°West

Thank you to the contributors:

Phil Castang – Director of Creative Learning and Engagement, Bristol Music Trust
Julia Roderick – Community, Learning & Volunteering, Bristol Music Trust
Solomon O.B – Musician

Further reading

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