Season 1, Ep. 6 – Uncovering our heritage

In episode 6 of our Transformation podcast we focus on the heritage that is being uncovered at the Hall during the redevelopment.

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, our heritage projects are revealing and bringing to life the history of the Hall.

We hear from NLHF Project Co-Ordinator Ella Kenny about the musical heritage of the venue and how we’re asking families and communities to share their memories, as well as archivist Louise Anderson about what artefacts have been uncovered so far – including a time capsule from 1951.

We speak also to architect Axel Burrough about the distinctive Bristol Byzantine architecture of the Hall, and Bristol’s own Lady Nade gives us a beautiful rendition of Suffragette Vera Holme’s poem – The Last Chord – composed to commemorate her disruption of a political meeting at the Hall in the fight to win the vote for women.


Photos from the time capsule and architecture

Front of Colston Hall showing the 1867 Byzantine front of The Lantern and new foyer complex completed in 2009.
The Byzantine Grade II listed front of The Lantern, built in 1867.
Time capsule uncovered containing documents from 1951.
Letters and Newspaper clippings from 1951 found inside the time capsule.


Presented by Harriet Robinson
Produced by Louise Orchard, 2°West

Thank you to the contributors:

Ella Kenny – Community, Learning & Volunteering, Bristol Music Trust
Louise Anderson – Archivist
Axel Burrough – Architect, Levitt Bernstein
Lady Nade – Musician

Further Reading

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