Moon Hooch Q&A

New Yorkers Moon Hooch were kind enough to answer some questions for us ahead of their show here at The Lantern on Mon 30th May (tickets/more info).

They also presented us with this short but delightful video ahead of the gig:

1/ First off, for those that may not of heard of you, can you sum up what Moon Hooch is about? 
Moon Hooch is about sonic expression, self discovery, philosophy, vegan food, meditation, rap, saxophones, drums, synths, sleep, realizations, cattle bell workouts and more.

2/ You met at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. What was the first encounter with each other? 
Life slowly pulled us together and it is hard to say when exactly we had fully encountered each other.

3/ What was your favourite memory together as students?
We were standing an an elevator and Mike and James began to chant: “New School is a prison of the mind, New School is a prison of the mind…”

4/ You had some trouble while busking at the station in Brooklyn and also scared quite a few cows (see video below), what other hairy moments have you been in?
During a ten day meditation retreat I have dealt with a field of energy that seemed to be the collective pain of humanity.

5/ What artists/bands are you listening to at the moment?
I try to listen to the sounds around me as much as I can. Footsteps, birds, cars, crowded streets, rivers, anything really.

6/ You are committed to the environment and agricultural sustainability, if you could offer one bit of advice to the world to help with those issues, what would you recommend?
Become aware of the forces that motivate your thoughts and align yourself with the will to benefit others. Notice the effect of all of your choices and act in a way that benefits your environment and the people around you. Meditate every day. Eat a plant based diet and get your food from local organic farms.

7/ What’s your proudest achievement as a band?
We have become better people.

8/ What’s the one thing you wish you knew more about/were more talented in?
I want to explore the hypothesis that love is the force that opposes entropy.

9/ What are your other secret talents?
I am writing a book about the spirit world. In my book I am using the model of digital physics to make sense of the experience of other dimensions.

10/ What’s lined up for Moon Hooch in the future?
The future is uncertain but we will definitely keep bringing positive energy into this world. We will release our next album [Red Sky] on June 10th and we will spend a lot of time touring Europe.

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