Bastille in photos

Returning to the Hall for the first time since 2013, indie pop heavyweights Bastille treated us to an “exceptional” reorchestration of the music from their acclaimed No.1 albums at their sold out show at Colston Hall on Fri 13 Apr. The band were joined on stage with an orchestra and choir for an intimate reworking of their sound accompanied by a stunning light show.

Longtime friends and uni mates of Bastille’s lead singer Dan Smith, To Kill A King, supported with their beautiful harmonies and acoustic songwriting.

“There’s always something special about hearing the songs you love completely turned on their head, given a new breath of life and transformed into something unique but wholly recognisable. It’s always been the staple of a good cover song but rarely do you see an artist take their own music and completely reinvigorate it and that’s what made Bastille’s reorchestrated show so exceptional.”

Bristol 24/7

Photography by ShotAway.

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