Case Study: John Hirst, Chief Executive of Destination Bristol

Bristol is a city oozing with culture yet the existing infrastructure fails to support it. Chief Executive of Destination Bristol, John Hirst, thinks Colston Hall is vitally important to the future of Bristol; his main aim is to boost the visitor economy and Colston Hall’s transformation will play a big part in that.

Personally, John is a regular visitor to the Hall; however, it’s not a venue he is exactly proud of. Whilst described as “quaint” he believes this perception of the Hall is historical and as a city we need to move on.

John says that a transformed Colston Hall would give visitors another reason to come to Bristol. It would attract a different kind of visitor, one that may have previously gone to other cities.

“Colston Hall plays a crucial role in the growing visitor economy, attracting audiences of 300,000 people each year. To bring the concert halls into the 21st century will mean more diverse performers and more people visiting Bristol. This will support local businesses and jobs because people will also spend money at venues in the wider city.

“I hope that everyone – whether they are a resident, artist or visitor – will want to see Bristol maintain its reputation as an exciting arts and cultural destination and join me by sign-uping to the 45k for 45m campaign.”

The redevelopment of Colston Hall offers an opportunity for the whole city to work together and support an initiative that the city deserves. So John’s attitude is simple: “Let’s get it done!”

John and his team at Destination Bristol pledged their support for the campaign (see picture) and hope that others will too. You can join them by visiting:

The Destination Bristol Team supporting the campaign

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