Case Study: Tanya Lacey

Since 1867 Colston Hall has united both community and culture under one roof. Welcoming a host of iconic artists from Bob Marley to Elton John, the Hall boasts historic significance. In order to safeguard its position in the future, as well as the past, Colston Hall must establish itself as a venue of national significance.

This means finishing what began in 2009 with the opening of a new foyer, by creating a UK venue that will take its place amongst the finest concert halls internationally. This will have a direct impact on the 15000 artists that perform at the Hall every year.

Singer-Songwriter, Tanya Lacey, is an example of an emerging artist routing for the future of Colston Hall. She was one of the first three people to sign up to 45k for 45m, a campaign which calls on 45,000 thousand people across Bristol, the region and the country to support Colston Hall’s £45 million transformation.

Tanya showcases what a pivotal role the venue, and its network of music education hubs, plays in orchestrating the development of budding Bristol musicians.

Tanya started her music career at school where she was given the opportunity by Music Leaders to play the violin, keys and steel drums, as well as sing in a choir. This support propelled Tanya’s talent towards stardom. Since, she has succeeded as a singer, song writer and rapper collaborating with a wave of well-known artists including Labryinth, Emile Sande, Will-I-am and Jennifer Lopez.

Although she has taken her musical career to LA, New York and London, Tanya’s roots run deep, so she regularly returns to Bristol. She continues to champion Colston Hall where she has worked with the Remix Academy and drummed up a full audience in the Lantern.

She said:

Colston Hall is a venue that I hold dear to my heart and although it is an inspiring venue for artists to perform in, other concert venues across the country are leaving its facilities behind.

It’s about time Bristol was put on the musical map so that performers can launch their career here and redeveloping Colston Hall is the best way to facilitate that. By improving the two current halls and opening a third, more people will be able to enjoy performances and emerging artists will have the opportunity to utilise Colston hall’s educational and learning resources whilst having a base where they can nurture their craft. The modern facilities will improve comfort and better backstage areas will mean more shows with a greater range of artists. These plans will help Colston Hall to create a world class entertainment venue that Bristol deserves.

I’m backing the 45k for 45m campaign because Colston Hall’s transformation is a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide Bristol residents, artists and musicians with a venue to be proud of.

45k for 45m aims to demonstrate the wholehearted support of people across Bristol, the region and the country for Colston Hall’s transformation, which is vital to secure the £45m investment.

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