Darren Jones MP champions Bristol Music Trust in the House of Commons

Following his first visit to Colston Hall in September, we are delighted that Bristol North West MP Darren Jones chose to highlight the social impact of our music programme in the House of Commons last week.

Himself a jazz saxophonist, Mr Jones cited the work of Bristol Music Trust, who operate Bristol Plays Music and Colston Hall, as part of a debate on the benefits of the arts sector on health and wellbeing; commending the Trust for its work to make a difference to people’s lives through music.

This follows his visit to the Hall, during which Mr Jones expressed his support for our award winning music education hub, Bristol Plays Music, and their inclusive music education programme, which aims to provide a high-quality musical experience to all, regardless of background or ability. The transformation tour of our Hall demonstrated to Mr Jones first-hand the challenges of our existing building and how our project will revitalise Colston Hall.

Mr Jones commented at the time: “A more inclusive and diverse arts sector not only means benefits for our communities, but enriches the art itself – I am proud to see that, thanks to the Bristol Music Trust and Bristol Plays Music, our city is helping to build a truly diverse music industry.”

As always, we are extremely grateful for the support of Mr Jones and other local MPs, and particularly for their efforts to champion our work at Westminster.

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