David Warburton MP supporting the transformation plans

“Bristol Music Trust’s £45 million transformation plans are an enormously positive step towards realising the aim of providing high quality music education for all. When complete, the first National Centre for Advanced Training for young musicians with special educational needs and disability (SEND) will be an immensely valuable resource targeted at those who can benefit most from the transformative power of music education.

“For the first time, disabled musicians who want to convert their promise into a professional performance standard will be able to access a rounded education specifically designed to meet all their needs.

“I’m delighted to hear the opportunities will include access to the best music leaders, offer music work experience and career development. Working with their partners, the Trust will provide a path for students to progress to further and higher education.

“And this ambition is what makes the success of the transformation so important. I wholeheartedly support Bristol Music Trust’s aim to influence the national perception of SEND music and help create a national profile like that achieved in Paralympic sport. But a Centre for Advanced Training needs state-of-the-art music education needs universally accessible facilities to make this aim a reality.

“I hope that future potential funders, both public and private, take the time to understand the benefit that the Trust’s transformation will have for music education and will want to be part of Bristol’s wider ambition for the nation.”

David Warburton MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music Education & Vice-Chair for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music.

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