Diana Porter creates limited edition jewellery for major donors to Colston Hall’s Transformation

Renowned Bristol jeweller Diana Porter has designed a limited edition custom pin for Bristol Music Trust, in a gesture of thanks to the major donors of our Transformation project.

Creating just 100 pins, the unique design is inspired by historical archive material of the hall, as well as architect’s visualisations of the new hall. Combining both the heritage and future of the hall, the original pin design reflects the 150 year history and takes particular inspiration from the historic organ.

A born and bred Bristolian, Diana Porter was an arts administrator before retraining as a silversmith in 1990. Diana also ran an Arts Council funded Mobile Box Office in the 1970s which promoted local arts organisations around the City. The box office window even sold tickets for Colston Hall across the whole of Bristol including Hartcliffe, Filton, Broadmead and the City Museum.

Now a celebrated Bristol artist in her own right, this October Diana Porter celebrates 25 years of business as a jewellery designer, with her designs highly coveted in Bristol and beyond. Diana’s background in supporting the arts meant that she was keen to support the Bristol Music Trust in its fundraising, and will design and make these pieces of jewellery for free in support of the transformation project.

Louise Mitchell, Chief Executive of Bristol Music Trust, the organisation that runs Colston Hall, said:

“We are delighted that Diana Porter is generously giving her time and talent to supporting our Transformation by creating these unique pieces of jewellery for our major donors. Her work is highly renowned in Bristol and beyond, and the fact she is both a Bristolian and has spent so many years supporting the arts makes the stunning bespoke mementos all the more meaningful. We can’t wait to see the finished articles and present them to our major donors.”

Diana Porter added:

“Growing up in Bristol, I have been aware of the Colston Hall as an important concert hall for as long as I can remember. Now, as a local jewellery designer, I’m delighted to be asked to make a special lapel pin to support the renovation project. It’s an iconic venue for music in Bristol with a country wide reputation and I’m proud to be involved with its restoration and refurbishment.”

The transformation of Colston Hall will result in Bristol being home to one of the best arts and learning facilities in the country. The two-year project will see the Main Hall and The Lantern remodelled and the venue’s extensive cellars will be opened up for the first time in 150 years, creating a new intimate performance space and modern education suite.

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