VIDEO: The Pineapple Project

In 2018, we commissioned artist Savinder Bual to form an orchestra like no other.

Working with collaborators, a composer and people from across Bristol, Savinder created a number of visually striking instruments played with spinning pineapple tops. When bowed, the pineapple top spins and its leaves pluck the strings to create sound.

Participants from across the city, many of whom had never played an instrument before, were brought together over the course of five rehearsals to co-create and perform two specially written pieces using Savinder’s custom made pineapple instruments.

The project was a fun and playful artistic response to the decision to reopen Colston Hall in 2020 with a new name, exploring the links between the little-known colonial history of the Pineapple, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and what it means today for us to join together in a space and create music.

It culminated in a free public performance in Colston Hall’s Foyer, captured in the video above.

To find out more about The Pineapple Project and Colston Hall’s artistic responses to the decision to rename the venue, click here.

To read more about the colonial history of the Pineapple, click here.


Artist: Savinder Bual

Composer: Rowan Bishop

Designer Elena Blanco

Players: Susan Scarborough, Liam Joseph Beckles, Rob Boardman, Jan Davies, Grace Ekall, Ruth Fehilly, Andrew Fudge, Adam Hedley, Cassandra Imandy, Alain Rouamba, Rowan Shaw, Richard Stockley, Martin Urmson, Steve Watson, Mamadou Keita.

Sound Engineer: Colin Pegum

Luthiers: Adolfo Cabrera, German Arguello, Santiago Auquilla & Cesar Arteaga

Photography: Barbara Evripidou

Commissioned by Colston Hall and supported by PM Studios & Watershed. This production is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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