Renowned conceptual electronics duo Matmos return to The Lantern with their latest effort Ultimate Care II, an album constructed entirely out of the sounds generated by a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II model washing machine, beginning with the initial grinding turn of the wash size selection wheel and ending with the satisfying end-of-wash beep. “The mix of quirky and banging beats, offset by ambient swooshes of water, turns the humble washing machine into an authentic sounding board for quality electronic music,” (Financial Times). “Matmos remain vital, may they continue to launder, may they never wash separately,” says The Quietus.

Support will come from UnicaZürn.

Seated show

“At once atmospheric, industrial and experimental, Ultimate Care II is kind of like Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music had the old geezer from Freeport, N.Y. crafted it out of love instead of vitreol.”


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