Radioland: Kraftwerk’s Radio-Activity Revisited

Marking its 40th anniversary, keyboard ace Matthew Bourne (The Leaf Label), Franck Vigroux on electronics and installation artist Antoine Schmitt explore Kraftwerk’s seminal 1975 album Radio-Activity as a live performance experience, for the first time ever.

Following their own personal paths through this incredible work, Bourne, Vigroux and Schmitt will turn Radio-Activity inside out, radically re-working this ground breaking album in their own inimitable way.

A bank of analogue and digital instruments provide the mothership from which this Anglo-French union travels through what still sounds utterly contemporary. Intensifying the experience, Antoine Schmitt creates striking live video, transporting the audience into the stratosphere of Kraftwerk’s futuristic sound world.

Support from Tom Bugs

Produced by sounduk. Funded by Arts Council England.

Please note that Kraftwerk will not appear at this event.

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