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Unmistakable Voices

Shostakovich was just 19 when he wrote his precocious First Symphony as a graduation exercise in composition at the Leningrad Conservatory. Youthful symphonies seldom reveal their composer’s true voice, but this symphonic debut immediately speaks in his own distinctive voice, juxtaposing the ironic with the romantic, the intimate with the bombastic, and the chromatic with the diatonic. This is the signature sound that is heard throughout his storied career melded from an exceptionally broad exposure of contemporary music whilst studying.

Not one for staying the same, Stravinsky’s compositional style changed radically in his career. Pulcinella marked an important turning point, heralding his “neo-classical” style which was to dominate his later works. Unlike his earlier ballets, characterised by huge orchestras and innovative rhythms, it is simple and sparse, using Pergolesi’s melodies and bass lines with little change. Yet he still puts his own unmistakable stamp on the music.

Walton’s Cello Concerto is introspective and reflective. Wistful romanticism and lush harmonies evoke the peace and tranquillity of the English countryside. It is a carefully balanced work; sizzling virtuosity is occasionally interrupted by moments of poignant lyricism.

In Unmistakeable Voices, BSO’s second concert to their season, Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Walton come together in a chorus of iconic styles in the intimate setting of Bristol’s Victoria Rooms.

Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite
Walton Cello Concerto
Shostakovich Symphony No.1

Kirill Karabits Conductor
Johannes Moser Cello

This concert takes place at the Victoria Rooms, 88 Queen’s Road, Bristol BS8 1SA

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