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In June 2018 we began a major capital project to transform our venue and in 2021 we will be eagerly anticipating a grand reopening. So far over £40 million has been raised, however, we still need help to achieve our ambitious plans which will turn our iconic building into something that we can all be proud of.

To encourage people to support the appeal, we have created CHIME, a concept which celebrates the power of music to connect and unify. Everyone who donates over £20,000 to the transformation will be invited to join our exclusive CHIME Circle. Through CHIME we aim to raise £1 million bringing us much closer to our goal – a world-class concert hall fit for another 150 years to come.

We invite you to join our CHIME Circle, as your support is crucial to the successful transformation of our venue.

We are thrilled to be part of the CHIME Circle and to be so involved in the transformation project. We have enjoyed coming here for many years and the transformation will make it a concert hall that the city can be proud of

Helen Wilde
CHIME Circle supporter and former High Sheriff of Bristol

Find out more about CHIME by reading our CHIME brochure.

To discuss how you can support the transformation and join the CHIME Circle, please contact Rosa Corbishley, Head of Development on 0117 204 7176 or email

About the sculpture

CHIME, a collection of texturally unique shapes, created by metal artist Rebecca Gouldson, will cascade from Bristol Beacon’s foyer ceiling. Rendered in a variety of metals, the installation will sway, responding to changes in temperature in the vast foyer space, while the metal shimmers in the light shining through the 100 feet of glass at the front of the building, creating abstract shadows across the interior. This impressive installation not only complements the existing copper façade of the venue, but also encapsulates our vision of connecting people through music, embodied by our CHIME Circle.

About the artist

Rebecca Gouldson fell in love with etching while studying metalwork and has been exploring the possibilities of capturing images on the surface of metal ever since. Influenced by both the built environment and the natural landscape, Rebecca uses etching alongside an ever growing palette of metal colouring and finishing techniques. She works with a variety of metals including copper, brass and gilding metal. Rebecca has created bespoke artworks for a range of spaces, from public museums to superyachts. Her clients include Tiffany & Co, Barclays Wealth and Legal & General and she has exhibited internationally.

“It’s an incredible honour to be involved in the CHIME project given the venue’s importance to the cultural life of Bristol and my close ties to the city. The foyer space holds huge potential for creating a sculpture on an ambitious scale, which is a tremendously exciting prospect for me as an artist.”

CHIME benefits

By supporting our transformation with a donation of over £20,000 (£25,000 with Gift Aid) you will join our CHIME Circle, receiving the following benefits.

  • Recognition on a plaque next to the CHIME installation in our foyer
  • Miniature CHIME pin-badge
  • Invitations to two exclusive CHIME Circle events per year throughout the transformation, e.g. champagne receptions and hard-hat tours
  • Invitation to the opening party for the new venue
  • Access to the private Supporters’ Lounge from reopening
  • Invitation to the unveiling of the CHIME installation, including a chance to meet the artist
  • Silver Patron status throughout the transformation until reopening

Payment can be made in instalments over four years (e.g. £5,000 per year) between 2017 and 2021.

CHIME online brochure

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