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Tue 18 Oct 2022


Black History Month, Time for Change: Action Not Words

Race Ahead Summit: Anti-Racism & Workplace Wellbeing

Bristol Beacon

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The Race Ahead Summit is an Anti-Racism event for workplaces and individuals to action change with a focus on workplace wellbeing brought to you by Empower Develop People a lead training provider which supports workplaces with their mental health and anti-racism policies through courses and ongoing support.

Given that this year’s Black History Month’s theme is, Time for Change: Action Not Words it is, as ever, so important to shine a light on what and how workplaces can take action and champion change.

As workers, we spend much of our lives and time at our jobs – often more so than with our families and friends – hence why it is vital that workplaces are proactively working to combat racism effectively. As times change, it is more important than ever that our workplaces align with our values.

It is no longer enough to simply not be racist. Organisations and people need to take action to be proactively anti-racism and take preventative measures through education.

This event looks to raise awareness of the mental health impacts of racism on Black people and People of Colour and focuses on ways we can prevent racism on the ground as well as institutionally within our organisations to faster reach the equity we all deserve.

Visit our website to find out more about our anti-racism and mental health work:

Presented by Empower Develop People

This event is designed for:

Human Resources
Line Managers
Decision Makers
Senior Leaders
Educators & Health Workers
Professionals & Sole Traders
Anyone interested in anti-racism & allyship

Start time: 09:30
Finish: 17:00

2x Comfort Breaks & 30 Min Lunch Break

Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided through our catering partner.


The venue

Bristol Beacon

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