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A row of theatre style fold-up seats with a geometric pattern.

Rana Begum

Textiles and tapestries

As you enter our performance spaces your eyes will be greeted with the tapestries and seat covers created by Rana Begum.

Known for her merging of sculpture, painting and architecture, Rana’s textiles bring a sense of movement across Beacon Hall. Shifting colours and patterns create different rhythms and repetitions through colour and light which shift across the room like a piece of music unfurling.

Rana has collaborated with Bristol-based fabric designers and textile trend consultancy Dash & Miller to assist with translating her work into the design of new fabrics. This collaboration has allowed her to create a bespoke fabric that encompasses a double pattern which shifts and moves depending on your position and perspective in the space much like a lenticular postcard (a technology used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth or movement).


Rana Begum, 2022

No 1226 Textile

Location: Lantern Hall

Medium: Wool Jacquard Woven Rib Fabric

No 1218 Textile

Location: Lantern Hall

Medium: Wool Jacquard Woven Moquette Fabric

No 1219 Textile

Location: Beacon Hall

Medium: Wool Jacquard Woven Moquette Fabric

Commissioned by Bristol City Council for Bristol Beacon. Curated and produced by Field Art Projects.

About the artist

Rana Begum

A person with dark hair wearing a white knitted jumper stands against a wooden bannister in warm light

I wanted to develop something that reflects the diversity of sound performed in the halls through rhythms, patterns, and repetition.”

Rana Begum, 2023

Rana’s work focuses on the interplay between light and colour, blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture. Her use of repetitive geometric patterns – found both within Islamic art and the industrial cityscape – takes its inspiration from childhood memories of the rhythmic repetition of daily recitals of the Qur’an.

Influenced by the geometric abstraction of minimalism and constructivism and the work of artists such as Agnes Martin, Donald Judd, Jesús Rafael de Soto and Tess Jaray, Rana’s work ranges from drawings, paintings and sculptures to large-scale public art projects.

Light is fundamental to her process. Her works absorb and reflect varied densities of light to produce an experience for the viewer that is both temporal and sensorial.

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Dash & Miller

A person with dark hair and glasses wearing a dark top stands in front of a shelves of wool
A person with blond hair wearing a beige jumper stands in front of shelves of wool

Dash & Miller are an international textile studio working out of Bristol who regularly work with trend agencies, fashion houses, fabric manufacturers, lifestyle brands, editors and contract suppliers to inform and inspire the creation of wonderful fabrics.

Their hand-crafted approach to industrial design combines with their breadth of experience to provide relevant and unique design-work. They were appointed to help Rana translate her designs into the new medium of textiles.

They worked with Gary Fabian Miller on a series of hand-made tapestries for his Cibachrome series shown in the Arnolfini.

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