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Black History Month: Soumik Datta + Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir

Women sing in a church

October marks the arrival of Black History Month, a time to learn about and celebrate Black history and culture, and to reflect on how we can create a better, fairer world for everyone.

We’re taking a look at the shows on our autumn programme which explore Black history: Soumik Datta’s Hope Notes tour and the Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir’s gala performance.

Soumik Datta

Musician Soumik Datta holds instrument and stands at microphone

Soumik Datta is a multi-faceted creative who combines Indian instrumentals with pertinent spoken word.

The Hope Notes show interweaves Soumik’s conversations with refugees with his own original music, giving audiences the opportunity to hear from diverse human voices along with Soumik’s artistic response to these stories.

Whilst the music in the show has Asian influences, three of the conversations featured are with Black women – Diana from Kenya, Dorine from Cameroon and Jade from Uganda. Diana and Dorine talk about how being a member of the LGBTQ+ community in their respective countries has influenced their lives.

To hear more from Diana and Dorine, check out the video below or head over to Soumik’s YouTube channel where you can watch the whole digital Hope Notes series.

Action Not Words

The theme of Black History Month 2022 is ‘Action Not Words’, placing an emphasis on the need to take action in the present along with learning from the past.

By spotlighting refugee stories in this show (and partnering for the tour with humanitarian charity Choose Love), audiences will have the opportunity to discover that something that matters to them is not always found in a history book, but from a person who could be their neighbour today.

Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir

We also can’t wait to welcome the Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir for a sold-out show on Sat 22 Oct.

Led by the legendary Gina Rose, the performance will mark the culmination of a 6-month project that has been funded by the Windrush Day Grant Fund with the aim of learning from, enjoying and amplifying the voices of the Windrush generation and their descendants.

I am incredibly honoured to be leading this historic choir project to acknowledge and pay tribute to the people of the Windrush generation. Music is a perfect way to celebrate their legacy”

Orgena Rose, Choir Director

Windrush Reggae Choir pose for a group picture

Since 2018, Windrush Day has been celebrated on 22 June each year to honour the Windrush generation and pay tribute to their significant contribution to rebuilding the country in the post-war years.

The choir will be joined by Bristol Reggae Orchestra, a diverse group of community musicians, composers & arrangers from Bristol, to bring joy and the feel-good factor to our Foyer space.

To have 40+ people from all walks of life at our first rehearsal was just a joy, music is a great way to educate and bring people together. The gala performance promises to be spectacular and we hope just the start of the journey for the choir”

Rebecca Scott, Bristol Reggae Orchestra Leader

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