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DIASPORA! Festival

A vibrant celebration of people, music, film, poetry, dance and storytelling

Diaspora! is an arts festival for Bristol and the South West, which aims to showcase and better reflect the variety of talent within the region’s cultural communities.

Developed by the Diverse Artists Network (DAN), and taking place in 2024 for the very first time, the festival will platform artists from underrepresented cultural backgrounds including people largely from the Diasporas of countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

What’s on

See what’s taking place in DIASPORA! festival at Bristol Beacon

What is the Diverse Artists Network?

Diverse Artists Network (DAN) are a development agency for diversity in the arts, promoting cultural competency and representation in the sector.

DAN brings together artists/musicians across Bristol and the South West region, intending to build national and international networks encompassing the broadest spectrum of diversity & representation.

They became an independent CIC in August 2020 and have since curated several networking events that have acted as consultations; as well as opportunities for artists, venues, and funders.

Diverse Artists Network seeks to foster empowering discussion within the culturally varied arts sector in order to boost representation in mainstream arts offering by bringing together funders, venues, promoters, and artists.”

Vandna Metha Co-Director, Diverse Artists Network