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Event ticket coverage

Protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances with Booking Protect

We understand that your tickets to events are important and that sometimes you may not be able to attend.

We offer event ticket coverage through Booking Protect giving you the security of being able to apply for a full refund in case certain unforeseen circumstances occur.


What is included?

Booking Protect event ticket coverage includes:

  • a full refund if you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances
  • a refund inclusive of all booking, admin and postage fees


What circumstances are covered?

The core refund circumstances of Booking Protect which are covered include:

  • Death, injury, or an illness affecting you or a member of your immediate family
  • Private Vehicle breakdown, fire and theft
  • Public transport disruption or failure
  • Jury Service or Court Summons
  • Burglary or Fire at your residence
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Redundancy or relocation

View the full Booking Protect terms and conditions


Guidance on refunds relating to Coronavirus

Illness is covered by Booking Protect. As the coronavirus situation is constantly evolving, Booking Protect are regularly updating their guidance to let you know how they will handle refunds.

View the latest Coronavirus guidance


How do I purchase Booking Protect?

We offer ticket event coverage for all our ticketed events. The option to add Booking Protect to your order appears after you have selected your event tickets.

The coverage prices are as follows:

  • £0 to £9.99 tickets – no coverage offered
  • £10 to £14 tickets – £0.91
  • £15 to £24 tickets – £1.40
  • £25 to £34 tickets – £2.10
  • £35 to £50 tickets – £2.98

Bristol Beacon Ticket Terms & Conditions

For information about our ticket terms and conditions including when you’re entitled to a refund, event cancellation or rescheduling view our ticket terms and conditions.