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Several young people in red tshirts sit together, looking beyond the camera

5 A Day Music

A Recovery Resource for Schools

We all have felt the effects of the pandemic – no more so than the children we teach. 5 A Day Music – A Recovery Resource for Schools is for teachers and schools to help with the recovery for students.

This helpful document guides teachers through how to re-integrate creativity into their classroom, supporting the wellbeing of their students (and possibly themselves!)

At Bristol Beacon we have undertaken research in this vital area and our 5 A Day Music – A Recovery Resource for Schools presents a guide for embedding mental health, wellbeing and recovery through the arts into children’s everyday learning spaces.

Take a look at our set of resources which are focussed around the themes of: Sing, Play, Move, Create, Listen.

Try out our 5 A Day Music Menu. Take inspiration from our power inventory. Try practical activities for self care with our circle of self and reflect on your own superpowers.

Research has shown that 44% of children have decreased the amount of time they spent on hobbies and activities during lockdown

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A Recovery Resource for Schools

An activity menu of playing and listening to help children feel motivated.