Babyhead Tom and DJ Cheeba

Lo-Fi Funky Space Quest

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Join two meteoric stars of Bristol’s musical universe for a ground breaking new show combining live video mixing, immersive theatre and hip hoperatics.


Tom and Cheeba return to earth in search of a squadron of space cadets to help them overcome the mysterious Flatscreenzombierobot virus that has bewitched the Grown ups of Planet Earth.

The spell can only be lifted by a show full of the funky power of hip hop, childhood imagination and cheap special FX.

If you are full of super human energy and imagination..we need you!

Planet Earth needs you! You’re our only hope!

“The best Super hero, Sci-fi, Hip Hop, Video mash-up, immersive Kids show ever to hit Planet Earth” Captain James T. Kirk

Suitable for children of all ages, semi-seated show. Adults must be accompanied by a child.

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