Bristol Re:Sound Performances

Part of Bristol Re:sound

As part of Bristol Re:sound, our free day-long interpretation of Bristol’s sound heritage, our foyer will be filled with  short performances incorporating a variety of innovative techniques and technologies, including live sampling, VR, AV and a Turntablism Ensemble.

Part of Bristol Re:sound


Rob Winstone
Audio performance, 20 minutes

Using live sampling and processing of Bristol based field recordings and archival materials the works develop a powerful ambient environment reflective of Bristol’s sound and music heritage. The use of experimental sound-design and deconstructive processes creates an atmospheric and captivating performance that is improvisational in nature, creating a flow that is responsive to the environment.

The Virtual Studio

James Cottrell
Virtual reality performance, 15 minutes

The Virtual Studio displays a modern, gesture-based performance designed around the use of Virtual Reality. It uses motions to trigger and manipulate audio, currently demonstrated via a piece of trip-hop music. Lifting inspiration from artists such as Imogen Heap and Yago De Quay, the Virtual Studio is designed to engage the artist and listener simultaneously. This is by providing stimulation to multiple senses, in the form of both audio and movement, not dissimilar to the theatre. The piece of music on display, titled ‘Digital Vinyl’ uses the Virtual Studio to provide a physical performance along with audio designed to encapsulate Jacques Derrida’s concept of hauntology. Hauntological pieces focus around creating new music by the recycling of old aesthetics, something the Virtual Studio enhances by taking a piece of music originally recorded onto vinyl over fifty years ago, before modifying and recomposing via the use of cutting edge modern technology.

Siren AV Techno Set

Audio visual performance, 25 minutes

An audio-visual piece drawing from the development of Bristol’s experimental and hard-hitting approach to Techno. The piece explores how sound and a sense of place can combine to create new and innovative works. Using both field recorded sound and recorded visual footage of the city the work develops a variety of abstractions and offer unique perceptions into the effect of environments on our creativity.

Locked Grooves

Turntablism Ensemble
20 minutes

An experimental improvisational ensemble who work with purely Bristol sounds to create exciting new works. Using only DJ technologies and live processing the works demonstrate a variety of new and traditional turntablism techniques as a means of exploring and recontextualising an array of Bristols most pinnace musical moments.

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