Bristol Schools’ Summer Concert

For over 50 years Bristol Schools’ Music Society (BSMS) has established the Summer Concerts at Colston Hall as a Bristol institution. BPM has supported BSMS for several years and from this year will take over the running and continued development of these concerts to help preserve their legacy for generations to come. 1,500 children from Bristol schools are celebrating the city’s culture and heritage in a series of concerts at Colston Hall.

Inspired by the new Music Curriculum for Bristol, they will be raising the roof with songs about Bristol Zoo, balloons and kites, popular Bristol attractions and festivals – as well as performing numbers by well-known Bristol composers and artists.

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On Wednesday 23 September 2020 Colston Hall changed its name to Bristol Beacon.

Our new name is just the first step, it is about more than the sign above our door. Click below to find out more about how we’re changing, watch our name announcement, and discover how we want everyone to share in the joy of live music.

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