Get The Blessing and Modulus III

Jazz Festival Fundraiser

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Bassist Jim Barr once remarked that Get The Blessing were “total outsiders” and “the punk entry” when they won the 2008 BBC Jazz Award for Best Album with ‘All Is Yes’. Eight years later and five albums down the line, the same could still be said to hold true, albeit with a little more wisdom at their disposal.

And the Bristol-based four-piece can now boast a truly international fan base. Since the release of All Is Yes in February 2008, they’ve taken their musical vision round the world with successful tours and festival appearances in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Dubai, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Modulus III operate under the condition of one rule:  Every performance is entirely improvised.  No preparation.  No safety net.  It is the purest, most dangerous place to make music and precisely why Andrew Morgan, Dan Moore and Matt Brown choose to call it home.

These three musicians have worked in many different contexts ranging from the classical concert hall to the sweaty backyard jams of Austin, Texas.  If Kraftwerk, La Monte Young and Miles Davis got into a room together, this may have been the result.        

Twitching, urgent percussion tumbles into a colossal beat as minimalist Fender Rhodes drifts over a pulsating synthesizer bass line.  Plaintive cello and piano twist and murmur around a huge electronic ambient backdrop.  Everything happening spontaneously and with seamless fluidity. 

They never play the same thing twice.

This event is taking place at Arnolfini

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