Bristol Re:sound – Sound installations

Part of Bristol Re:sound

Across three levels of Colston Hall’s Foyer, encounter sound installations which reimagine the sounds of Bristol, its musical identity and subculture through immersive soundscapes.

Part of Bristol Re:sound

Our Affliction, You & I and To Be Loved

Rob Winstone – Level 1 bar

A surround sound installation comprised of three movements: Our Affliction, You & I and To Be Loved. The work began with a variety of records plundered from Bristol’s history in soundsystem and bass culture, gradually becoming morphed and deconstructed into fragments that formed a structural frame for fluid musical improvisations, interweaved with soundscape recordings of the city’s polarising environments and spaces. The work later took on a more ethnographic subtext, meditating on themes of home, the conflicting emotions and experiences of city life and the affective nature of the city’s environmental sounds.

Future Past Transmissions

Syz – Foyer space

A surround sound immersive audio installation, communicating an audio timeline of Bristol’s musical heritage, as well as the development of recorded sound and music production technologies. The piece contains transformed Bristol based archival material from field recordings, and consists of different transmissions of audio being received via each speaker, which merge, combine and develop, to pay homage to different era’s and sub genres of the infamous ‘Bristol Sound’, and the musical identity and subculture traced through Bristol’s cultural heritage.


Continuous Design – Terrace bar space

Constructs explores Bristol city’s (UK) subculture and underground music scene. It looks to highlight the venues and spaces which have enabled underground music to flourish within the city and a genre of electronic music that has developed its own unique style within the confines of the city limits.These ideas have been deconstructed and re-imagined to highlight the effect that contemporary electronic music has had on the city’s identity over the last 20 years.

Bristol Soundscapes project

Listening stations in foyer café space & glass room

A variety of Bristol based soundscape pieces that examine the sound of our city, creating immersive experiences that highlight some of the more hidden sonic aspects of the environment. The works are quite diverse in nature as they each explore sound as perceived through the ears of the composer as they focus on details that usually go unnoticed and explore these sounds through a variety of electroacoustic compositional processes and methods.

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  • Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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