Adrian Partington conductor

‘Call me Al’ jazz quintet
Massed choir from Bristol primary schools
Bristol Choral Society

More than 300 Bristol primary school children, a jazz quintet and adult choir from Bristol Choral Society unite for this brilliant fusion of traditional African song and jazz in a massive feel-good performance of this vibrant celebration of life, youth and music.

Composer Alexander L’Estrange (who plays piano with the jazz quintet in tonight’s performance) chose songs from all over Africa to include in Zimbe! and interwove the choral writing with the instruments of the jazz ensemble to make up this work that is sometimes touching and moving, at other times funky and grooving and all of the time incredibly uplifting both for performers and audiences alike.

Find out more out Zimbe! here 

A Bristol Choral Society outreach project in collaboration with Bristol Sings Music.
Bristol Choral Society acknowledges the support of the Paragon Concert Society towards this concert.

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