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Environmental Sustainability

Inspiring positive climate action to become the UK’s first net zero concert hall by 2030

Our world is changing due to global heating at a faster rate than humanity has ever experienced before. The decisions we make now impact the future of our planet.

We want to unite people and use our unique place as a music venue to amplify positive climate action and inspire everyone to think about their impact on the earth.

To ensure we can continue to celebrate music together for generations to come, we have set ourselves the target to become the UK’s first net zero concert hall by 2030.

Here you’ll find stories, videos, and updates about the steps we’re taking to achieve this goal, and how you can help us get there too.

Our journey to net zero

Achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is a major challenge. But we believe this vital work can be joyful, fun and collaborative; like music itself.

Since we made our pledge in 2018, we have been working with consultants, staff, suppliers, artists and audiences to identify where we can have the most impact in reducing our greenhouse emissions.


Our journey so far

In 2021 we appointed Hope Solutions – expert sustainability consultants in the music sector – to advise us how to achieve our net zero ambitions.

So far, we have achieved:

  • The creation of our sustainability roadmap, shaped through in-depth staff and audience consultation
  • Net zero for direct emissions (Scope 1 emissions) – things like running boilers
  • Net zero for indirect emissions (Scope 2 emissions) – such as the electricity we buy for heating or cooling our buildings
  • The creation of ‘Green Champions’ – a team of 10 Bristol Beacon staff dedicated to researching and implementing our sustainability roadmap and advocating for internal culture change
  • Replacing our diesel van with an electric vehicle powered by 100% renewable energy


The future

To be completely net zero, we need to significantly reduce our scope 3 emissions. This is where the challenge lies.

Scope 3 includes things like visitor travel (62%) and our supply chain (30%). These emissions are outside of our direct control, but they make up 100% of our CO2 emissions.

In order for us to achieve net zero by 2030, we must reduce these scope 3 emissions by at least 90%.

Our Sustainability Roadmap is our measurable plan for how we will achieve this goal.

A green van parked in front of Bristol Beacon with text printed on the side reading: Bristol Beacon powered by music and 100% renewable electricity!

Sustainability Roadmap

We have created a pathway to achieve net zero with a Sustainability Roadmap. This roadmap is a data driven and measurable plan covering 7 business areas. Our staff, Trustees and Green Champions are now working to implement its actions and recommendations.

Embedded at the heart of our business plan, the roadmap is aligned to three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will ensure that our environmental strategy supports those targets.

1. Reporting & Governance

Sustainability is a core part of our business plan, and our pledge to become net zero by 2030 is held at the highest levels of our organisation. We will be informed by climate science at every step of our journey.

2. Our supply chain

We will engage with key contractors and partners to embed sustainability into our procurement processes and to decarbonise our supply chain.

3. Energy, power & fuel

Our new building incorporates sustainability throughout, with solutions for energy, water and waste all considered in the design. Choosing green electricity and biogas means that our direct emissions are already at net zero.

4. Visitor engagement & behavioural change

Currently 62% of our carbon footprint comes from visitor travel and transport. Our Green Champions are working on incentivising sustainable travel for our venue reopening this year.

5. Artist engagement

Music can be a powerful force for positive social change. We will engage with artists we book to reduce travel emissions and encourage green riders, making them aware of our sustainability goals and how they can help us. We are a proud signatory of Music Declares, and we will be exploring how our Artistic Programme and Community events can raise awareness of the climate emergency and inspire audiences to take positive action.

6. Waste, recycling and the circular economy

Our audience identified waste and recycling as a key concern in a recent consultation. From eliminating single use plastic and reducing printing to reviewing merchandise, we want to become a zero waste and circular venue.

7. Business travel & employee commuting

The arrival of our shiny new electric van, used for show production and instrument transportation, means we have now reached net zero for our direct emissions. Our Green Champions group will examine how we can incentivise staff to commute as sustainably as possible.

Latest updates

The progress we’re making on our journey to net zero.

Bristol Beacon announces new partnership with First Bus to encourage sustainable travel
Four people hold up a sign saying 'Bristol Beacon, bus stops here' in a city centre location

Bristol Beacon announces new partnership with First Bus to encourage sustainable travel

Our new electric van drives us towards net zero
A group of people stand in front of the electric van

Our new electric van drives us towards net zero

Watch: We Rise - An Anthem for Change

Watch: We Rise - An Anthem for Change

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