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Several wooden waves assembled into a sculpture

Frankie Boyle

Sound and light

In the entrance to the Cellars, in the underbelly of our building, the warmth and glow of lights pulsate and gently strobe.

Frankie Boyle’s artwork Convergence is an undulating sculpture of ash wood ribs, that resemble a warped keyframe inside a piano. The timber contrasts, yet seems to grow from exposed historic brick walls, as reflected colour and shadow play with the surface and transform as day turns to night.

This artwork is a homage to music creation and innovation that has taken place in our building for over 150 years and will continue as we invite new talent to test out new sounds and songs on our stages in the years to come.

Frankie Boyle spent two months composing the lights in response to the music composed by artists in our Future Proof project; our mentoring scheme for local 18-25 year-old musicians


Frankie Boyle, 2023

Location: The Cellars, entrance

Medium: Ash wood and programmable LED

Original Music

The music composed for Convergence has been created by artists in our mentorship programme Future Proof. Here the artist explain their inspiration behind the tracks the have created for this artwork.


by B3NJI

Lately is an introspective hip-hop tune focusing on themes of wistfulness and lost relationships.

Inspired by summer holiday young romances, this track is both deeply personal but also relatable. With gentle guitar and strong hip-hop drum patterns, the track has energy while simultaneously carries a lot of emotion.

‘Lately’ is the lead single to B3NJI’s upcoming EP ‘That Was Then’, releasing in January 2024.

Crying Circle


Music created for Crying Circle; a guided meditation curated by Jian Yi. Themes of emotional thawing/Crystal harp frequencies/Field recordings of November snow in Berlin.


by xyzelle.

This track by xyzelle. fuses R&B and Rap through a captivating combination of sultry, smooth vocals with a swagged out rap flow.

‘October’ is the second single from xyzelle’s EP ‘Dreams Of A Trapped Soul’ that explores the start of a journey and where it can take you.


by Mallavora

‘Disorder’ by Bristol rock outfit Mallavora is a brave and vulnerable take on the difficult aspects of the disabled experience.

The lyrics tackle societal attitudes towards disability and issues regarding accessibility. Full of disabled rage, the track is highly energetic and totally uncompromising.

‘Disorder’ went viral on TikTok and has reached thousands of disabled fans across the world.


by Melissa Fear

‘Nihilist’ is a track about acceptance; finding peace in insecurities and pain in a way that only dancing in a room by yourself with the volume turned up to the max can do.

The track was written in the middle of COVID-19 lockdowns, at a time when all Melissa’s big plans and ambitions were going completely off track, and everything looked very bleak. This track is vulnerable and candid but juxtaposes lyrics expressing hopleness with energy of dance music. It embraces feelings of loss and dances with them.

Lucky Token

by Jazpa One

Jazpa One, a rising artist hailing from Bristol, is an exceptional lyricist and storyteller with a distinctive style that captivates audiences worldwide. Drawing on his Jamaican heritage and blending it with Bristol’s cultural tapestry, Jazpa creates a sound from a myriad of influences and styles.

With ‘Lucky Token’ Jazpa brings raw and honest storytelling that expresses themes of opposition, personal struggles, corruption, and spirituality. Aiming to shed light on societal issues, this track expresses his advocacy for positive change.



by x-o1

‘back2me’ is a classic dub track – combining the undeniable groove and bounce of 2-step garage with aggressive techno leads, haunting vocals and an overcast atmosphere that is indisputably British.

Like many of x-o1’s tracks, ‘back2me’ is a story rooted in love and loss. Deep basslines and jittery rhythms along with a melting pot of sonic influences give this track a rich and dark flavour.


Soon I’ll Be Just Fine

by KDoggKT

An emotive song based on a real life racial attack that the artist KDoggKT experienced in Bristol. An incident  where two people drove into him deliberately, shouting racist language before running off. KDoggKT reflects on this experience and the lasting effect it’s held.


Curated and produced by Cathy Mager, Creative Director: Heritage and Public Space Design and made possible with funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

About the artist

Frankie Boyle

A person with ginger hair wearing a blue and black striped top stands against a dark wall in bright light

I create immersive installations that take viewers on journeys of self-discovery.”

Frankie Boyle, 2023

Frankie Boyle is a neurodivergent, UK-based light artist who merges scientific inquiry with creative expression.

With her knowledge of physics, colour theory and the psychology of perception, Frankie’s work explores the psychological and emotional impact of light; creating immersive installations that take viewers on journeys of self-discovery.

Boyle’s deep understanding of the role of light in communication, cognitive processing and wellbeing informs her work which has been showcased around the world.