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Mobile Tickets and Drink pre-ordering

Mobile Tickets

If you have purchased a ticket to an event at Bristol Beacon, and have a mobile number saved to your account, you will receive a text message on the day of your event with a link to your mobile tickets.

  • Get instant access to your tickets
  • Save to your Google or Apple Wallet
  • Share with your gig buddies
  • No login or app download needed

Drink pre-ordering

Browse our bar menus, pre-order drinks for your arrival or interval, and skip the queues at the bar.

  • Simple and fast online ordering
  • Easy drink collection
  • Connected with Apple and Google Pay

Update your account

You might not have a mobile number saved on your account. To check if you do, login to your Bristol Beacon account to view and update your contact details.

Once added, you’ll receive a text message on the day of your event automatically.

Add mobile number

Frequently Asked Questions

Do text messages cost me?

No our pre-event text messages don’t cost you anything.

Do I have to use mobile tickets?

You can use either the PDF tickets we send to you by email, or mobile tickets at our events. You don’t have to use mobile tickets.

Can my friends order drinks?

Yes your friends can access the drink ordering service here.