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Ticket Prices

Pricing information for our performance spaces at Bristol Beacon

We present a diverse range of events at Bristol Beacon across our performances spaces. We aim to make our artistic programme accessible to as many people as possible, and present concerts and events with a range of prices.

As a music charity, we reinvest profits from ticket income and other activity to support our charitable aims. This allows us to run our artistic programme including supporting new creative talent, city-wide music education, creative learning opportunities and community engagement.

On this page you’ll find information about:

  • ticket prices for events at Bristol Beacon
  • Pay What You Can tickets
  • orchestral season ticket prices, including open concessions and under 26 tickets
  • seasonal ticket offers

To find out about the seating formats in our performance spaces, view our seating plan information page.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices vary for each event. Most events are in either a seated or standing format and have simple ticket prices.

Often, there will be a single price for any seat or area of the performance space.

For some seated performances, we have price bands that allow us to create a range of ticket price options.

We always display our ticket prices inclusive of booking fees so that it’s clear how much an event costs. The booking fee is usually 9%. This is why ticket prices are often not whole numbers (for example £21.80 incl. booking fee).

If you have a question about tickets, visit our FAQs page.

Pay What You Can tickets

Some events use Pay What You Can tickets. This means that there are fixed minimum prices for tickets and the option to pay extra on top.


How can I use Pay What You Can?

On applicable events, if you would like to top-up your ticket fee and pay what you can, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Book tickets” and select your ticket type
  2. Review your basket
  3. Click “Checkout” and start the checkout process
  4. When prompted at the Donations section, enter an amount you choose to top-up your ticket price.
  5. Complete the checkout process your order

Orchestral Season Ticket Prices

Ticket prices apply to all the concerts in the Orchestral Season 2023/24 with the exception of Odyssey on Sun 28 Jan 2024.

Price bands

Price bands allow us to create a range of ticket prices for an event. There are four price bands (Bands A-D) for each concert in the 2023/24 Orchestral Season. A fifth price band (Premium) will apply to some concerts in the season.

The location of a seat within Beacon Hall determines which price band the ticket price falls under.


Ticket types

Within price bands A-D, there are two types of ticket: Standard and Open Concession.

If you are able, please buy a Standard ticket if you are booking in price bands A–D.

Our new Open Concession is designed to allow everyone access to amazing orchestral music and is available in price bands A–D. If you cannot pay the standard ticket price at this time, or would have previously benefited from a concession with us, this ticket type is for you. You do not need to explain or prove why you need to access a lower price, but it is there if you need it.

Please note that there is no Open Concession ticket price for Premium seats.


Under 26 tickets

If you are under 26, there is a fixed ticket price available on a limited number of seats for every concert. Please note that there is no Open Concession ticket price for Under 26 tickets.


Standard: £55.00
Open Concession: n/a

Band A
Standard: £48.00
Open Concession: £43.00

Band B
Standard: £35.00
Open Concession: £30.00

Band C
Standard: £25.00
Open Concession: £20.00

Band D
Standard: £15.00
Open Concession: £10.00

Standard: £10.00
Open Concession: n/a


Sun 28 Jan 2024

This special commission is part of the Orchestral Season 2023/24 but has a bespoke pricing structure due to the nature of the event.

There are three price bands (Bands A-C) for this concert. Only Standard tickets are available; Open Concession tickets do not apply.

Band A £30
Band B £20
Band C £10

A limited number of tickets are available at £10 incl bf for Under 26s.

Ticket Offers

Orchestral Season 2023/24 Multibuy offer

If you purchase tickets for more than one concert in the 2023/24 Orchestral Season, you may be able to take advantage of our Multibuy offer.

Buy 3 concerts save 10%
Buy 4-7 concerts save 20%
Buy 8-10 concerts save 25%
Buy 11 concerts save 30%

In order to qualify for the discount, tickets for the corresponding number of concerts must be purchased in one transaction.


Orchestral Season 2023/24 Group booking offer

Book 10+ tickets for any one concert in the 2023/24 Orchestral Season and save 10%. Please contact our Box Office for more information.


Schools discounts offer

5% off £10 tickets + One free teacher ticket per 12 student tickets. Schools discounted tickets cannot be purchased online, please contact our Box Office for booking.

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