A New Song For Bristol

A New Song For Bristol is a city-wide invitation for everyone to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of Bristol in 2020, creatively expressed through words and music.

In these extraordinary times, we have experienced loss, lockdown and lost identities – but we’ve also rediscovered our communities, forged new ways of connecting, and renewed our collective spirit.

During times of uncertainty, we can find new meaning through music. As our city’s people have raised their voices through dark times before: together, we can write a new song for Bristol.

Bristol is calling. Share your song.

The story behind the project

A New Song For Bristol is inspired by a mirrored time in Bristol’s history during World War II, when the city’s people rallied round, singing songs together to bring light to those dark days. Find out more about the historic story here.

Now in 2020, A New Song for Bristol calls for the city to let music and creativity bring people together once more, and we’re calling out to you to submit your creative responses to this historic year.

How to take part

Public submissions for A New Song For Bristol have now closed.

Collaborating Musicians

The submissions from the people of Bristol will be collected into a living archive and used to create new compositions. We’re working with a collective of musicians who’ll be using your submitted ideas as inspiration including:

Kayla Painter
Lady Nade
Lloyd Coleman
This Is The Kit

A New Song For Bristol playlist

Listen to all the artist tracks created with the people of Bristol and commissioned by A New Song For Bristol in the playlist below.

A New Song for Bristol is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, PRS Foundation – Talent Development Partnership, and Help Musicians.

A New Song For Bristol is also part of Sound UK’s A Song For Us project. A Song For Us asks the public to help build a music map of the country for this historic time. Find out more at asongforus.org

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