Mail A Musician

Mail A Musician is Bristol Beacon’s new initiative to deliver the joy of live music direct to the hearts and homes of Bristolians over the course of this winter.

Mail A Musician is a way that the people of Bristol can send their love to the special people or places in their life, and gift them a personalised musical performance.

Bristol Beacon will match selected nominees with a local musician to perform especially for them, either by video call, phone or as a covid-safe ‘doorstep gig’.

Concerts will be presented by a diverse range of brilliant local Bristolian musicians, many of whom work across our schools and community projects.

Though our music venues may be silent, Bristol Beacon will continue to deliver the joy of live music to those who need it most at this special time of year.

While we may be apart, Mail a Musician will ensure that the power of music to connect and uplift shines out across the city.

Mail A Musician is supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, National Lottery Heritage Fund and The Anchor Society.

How to take part

You can nominate anyone in Bristol who you think would love to receive one of these special live performances – it could be an individual, a household or a place, like a doctor’s surgery or care home.

Bristol Beacon will select two nominations a week across winter to receive performances, and will as far as possible match the nominees with the kind of music they would most like to hear.

During the national lockdown we’re unable to facilitate in-person performances, but we are able to offer virtual performances in the meantime.

To make a nomination, simply complete our online form, via the button below. If successful, we will contact you to arrange the performance with your nominee.

Donate to help us continue our work

There is no cost to submitting a nomination. However Bristol Beacon is a charity and we welcome donations to help us continue our growing programme of community initiatives.

Each Mail A Musician concert will be paid at Musicians Union rates to ensure our highly talented professional musicians are paid fairly.

Your donation will contribute to our delivery of initiatives like Mail A Musician, which even through the pandemic, aim to bring the joy of music to everyone in Bristol.

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