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Fri 7 Oct 2022


Kathryn Joseph

+ Maja lena

Folk House

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A warped and blurry photograph of a person wearing a leather jacket

Scottish songwriter Kathryn Joseph conveys a burning emotive potency through minimal arrangements.

Her songs poignantly grapple with heavy, heart-wrenching narratives, from her 2014 debut grieving the loss of her son to 2018’s When I Wake the Want Is and her newest album dealing with stories of abuse.

At the core of Joseph’s songwriting is a nuanced expression of pain, which carries through her latest record For You Who Are the Wronged.

As with her previous work, Joseph purveys these truths with courage and rawness held particularly in her mournful yet soothing vocals and punctuated by sparse instrumentation.

Presented by Bristol Beacon

Seated event

Age: 14+ (under 18s to be accompanied by an adult)

Doors: 19.30
Start Time: 20.00

“Against soft keys and faint wells of synth, the Scottish singer-songwriter’s intense, intimate songs sound like unmediated transpositions of feeling.”


Support from

Maja Lena

The repetitive motions of walking, seed planting, sweeping can be really beneficial to writing music, and for Maja Lena, working on a no dig permaculture vegetable growing project and for a natural horsemanship yard give plenty of time for her imagination to run wild. “I do a lot of my songwriting whilst working outdoors, often humming melodies to myself, thinking about lyrics while I’m going about my chores”. Immersion in the natural world has always influenced her creativity, it was a dominant force in her earlier writing with alt-folk outfits Low Chimes and Hot Feet as well as her debut solo album The Keeper, from last year.

The venue

Bristol Folk House

Covid-19 Safety Measures

If you have Covid-19 symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate you should not attend this event.

  Wear a face covering at all times

  Register with NHS Test and Trace app

  Follow one-way signage

  Card payment only, contactless preferred

  Be respectful of other people’s personal space

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