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Raising the voice of young women and non-binary young people

Empowerment directly empowers, builds confidence, and raises the voice of young women and non-binary young people.

In partnership with South Bristol Youth, we host creative workshops for people from areas of the city where there are not enough services to meet their needs.  

The programme of activities co-created by the participants explores themes of identity and feminism through activities such as music making, movement, public speaking and visits to cultural organisations. Cohorts from different schools will then be brought together to celebrate and share their experiences. 

The project aims to make a long-lasting positive difference, encouraging participants to engage further with cultural activity across the city and gain a greater sense of agency and wellbeing. 

“Feminism isn’t just about women wanting the same as men, it’s about all genders and everybody wanting the same things as everyone else”

Project participant

International Women’s Day 2022 – Lesson Plan

To mark International Women’s Day 2022, we’ve created activities designed to encourage open, positive discussion around harassment, gender norms, misogyny and feminism.

The lesson plan includes:

  • topics to discuss and ways to talk about them with respect for other people
  • poems created by Seah Hoston and Ngaio Anyia to inspire discussion
  • activity sheets

This resource is freely available to teachers, session leaders, parents or anyone who wants to engage in discussion.



Project partners and funders

The Empowerment project is in partnership with South Bristol Youth, funded by the Paul Hamlyn foundation and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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