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Beacon Hall

A shining new light in Bristol’s music scene

Beacon Hall, our new flagship venue at Bristol Beacon, combines over 150 years of heritage with world-beating acoustics and 21st century stage technology to create one of the most flexible and accessible performance spaces in Europe.

A space to immerse yourself in the power of the orchestra, to shiver with the bass of iconic bands and to connect with thousands of others united in their love of live music.

We welcome you to Beacon Hall, with open ears and open arms.

What’s On at Beacon Hall

The opening programme for Bristol Beacon’s main auditorium

The venue

Beacon Hall

at Bristol Beacon

Getting to the venue

Location: Beacon Hall is located within Bristol Beacon. Head to Level 1 and follow signs to find the auditorium.

Address: Bristol Beacon, Trenchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5AR


Bicycle racks can be found in front of the main entrance on Trenchard Street, Colston Street, and on the city centre promenade. Find your nearest cycle routes using Cycle Planner.

Car parking

Trenchard Street multi-storey car park is 200m away, directly behind Bristol Beacon.

  Bristol Clean Air Zone

Bristol Beacon is inside the Bristol Clean Air Zone. Check if your vehicle will be charged and how much you’ll have to pay.


Most bus services stop in and around the city centre promenade, 250m from Bristol Beacon.

View detailed travel information



Spaces for wheelchair users are in:

  • row S in the centre of the rear Stalls (10 spaces)
  • row Z in the left and right wings at the back of Lower Tier (4 spaces, 2 on each side),
  • rows G/H on the left only at the back of Upper Tier (2 spaces)

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs and emotional support animals are allowed in the performance space. Seats in row F are most suitable. If you prefer, you can leave your animal with a member of staff during the performance.

Hearing Facility

A Sennheiser MobileConnect assistive listening system is installed in the venue. Download the free App and use your own mobile device and headphones to listen to the performance. (Devices are available on request.)

View detailed access information

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bristol Beacon reopen?

Bristol Beacon will open on Thursday 30 November 2023.

Which part of Beacon Hall sounds the best?

Beacon Hall has been designed with two things in mind: accessibility and sound. Our restored auditorium offers world-class acoustics, no matter what genre of music you’re listening to. Mechanical acoustic baffles suspended from the ceiling can be adjusted to suit a small chamber orchestra, a high volume rock band, or a solo vocalist – so whatever you’re listening to, and wherever you are in the performance space, the sound will be exceptional.

Which seat in Beacon Hall offers the best view of the stage?

The redesigned concert hall has vastly improved sightlines. Seats in the centre rows of the performance space will have an uninterrupted view of the stage, whichever level you’re on. The side balconies offer a view looking down onto the stage and the left side balcony may be preferable for orchestral concerts with a solo pianist.

Seats in the second row of the side balcony may have a slight viewing restriction of the side stage. These seats are not recommended for children or people with mobility difficulties.

Why are the choir seats not on sale?

The choir seats are raked (sloped) seating behind the stage and are not suitable for all performances. For some performances (e.g. a rock band) these seats would be behind the stage equipment and they will therefore not be on sale. We often do put the choir seats on sale for orchestral or vocal performances, where they offer a unique concert experience.

Will there be enough leg room?

Our restored hall has larger seats and more leg room to prioritise comfort for most people.

Are seats available for standing shows?

Yes. For standing shows in Beacon Hall there is fixed raked (sloped) seating at the back of the stalls under the Lower Tier. These seats are unallocated and you can choose a seat in this area with your standing ticket if you wish.

Often the Upper and Lower Tier seating is also on sale for standing shows.

Where do I go if my question isn’t answered here?

These are some of our most frequently asked questions about Beacon Hall. If you cannot find the answer to your question, or if you have a question about something else, then view our full FAQs.