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Sustainable Fashion Week

This event has passed

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This event has passed
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Clothes matter. Clothes are essential for functionality, but they are also a way we can present ourselves and our personalities to the world. But it matters how clothing is produced as it has such a significant impact on both people and planet.

Sustainable Fashion Week is an annual event helping to raise awareness and make sustainable fashion accessible through community engagement.

Taking a creative, grass roots approach, this weekend will seek to empower people with skills and knowledge to help drive positive change in our relationship with clothes.

This year the Sustainable Fashion Week hub will be at Bristol Beacon with a wide variety of activities including talks, panel discussions, workshops, clothes swapping, film screenings, augmented reality experiences photo exhibitions, styling and the SFW Market – in collaboration with the brilliant Bristol Market – showcasing sustainable fashion in all its forms.

Everyone is welcome. Come as you are and enjoy gaining new skills and knowledge to support you and your community in making positive changes in your fashion habits.

Presented by A Single Thread CIC

Free entry. Workshops ticketed.

All ages

What is sustainable fashion?

The word ‘sustainable’ is used, and misused, in many different ways. It can be unhelpful as it isn’t explicit and definitions can differ. Broadly, ‘sustainable’ means an activity that can be continued indefinitely.

Fashion, as it currently is, cannot sustain itself.

Sustainable Fashion Week’s vision of sustainability in fashion

No harm

A sustainable fashion industry is one that does no harm. It doesn’t exploit workers, it doesn’t damage biodiversity, habitats and the land.

Our activity in creating and utilising clothing must be regenerative. It must protect ecosystems and communities across the globe.

A Culture of Exchange

A sustainable fashion industry is one that moves away from a culture extraction and exploitation and transitions to a culture of exchange.

A healthy exchange with nature is needed where clothing is produced with a ‘soil to soil’ circular mentality. New channels of exchange between individuals and communities are needed; swapping, sharing and collaborating.

Collective Action

A sustainable fashion industry is one where we joining together as communities and consumers to take a stand against the fast fashion machine, rejecting that idea that cheap, poor quality clothing is being made in our best interests.

We need to shift power from big brands back into the hands of the individual. We need to be empowered, share skills and knowledge to enable us to step away from fast fashion.

The venue

Bristol Beacon

Covid-19 Safety Measures

We’re committed to keeping you safe throughout your visit.

Please follow these safety measures when visiting Bristol Beacon.

Please do not attend this event if you have Coronavirus symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate.

Enjoy your visit safely

Strongly encouraged

  Wear a face covering at all times. Except when eating and drinking or if you are exempt.

  Take a PCR/Lateral flow test

  Get a vaccination

  Activate your COVID Pass with NHS App

  Follow one-way signage

  Card payment only, contactless preferred

  Respect other people’s personal space

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