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A vast open space is filled floor to ceiling with scaffolding spanning many floors. A large yellow JCB forklift is being driven as people dressed in high visibility jackets look around the vast space.

Transformation Telephone Campaign

Support the South West’s largest redevelopment programme in the arts sector

We’ve teamed up with Buffalo Fundraising to conduct our 2022 Transformation Telephone Campaign.

We recently got in touch with all audience members that we planned to call by email, providing further information on the campaign and the opportunity to opt-out of the call.

On this page you’ll find more information about why we contacted you, how you can support our transformation, answers to some frequently asked questions, and information about Buffalo Fundraising.

We hope that you enjoyed talking to our callers and we did not inconvenience you.

Why we are calling

We spoke to you recently on the phone about our transformation.

This call was to:

A man wearing a hard had and red coat carefully renders brickwork with a trowel in an arched hall filled with scaffolding.

Support our Transformation

Play your part in the journey of the South West’s largest redevelopment programme in the arts sector.

Name a Seat

Take your seat in the space where generations of legendary artists like The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald and David Bowie have performed.

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Join the CHIME Circle

Become part of a passionate community of supporters whose generous gifts are helping us achieve the ambitious transformation of Bristol Beacon.

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Make a donation

Donate and help us build a space for everyone to share thrilling musical experiences.

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We’ve been asked lots of questions about our transformation plans. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Why was I called?

Support from our audience is crucial to the success of our Transformation campaign and will ensure Bristol Beacon is transformed into a venue that our city can be proud of.

We wanted to reach out to a selection of our audience who previously attended events at Bristol Beacon, recently booked an event from our programme, or who have previously made a donation when booking a ticket online or over the phone.

We got in touch with all those audience members that we planned to call by email, providing further information on the campaign and the opportunity to opt-out of the call.

Where will my money go?

All donations will go directly to our Transformation campaign. The redevelopment of Bristol Beacon will deliver a world-class music venue for our region, attracting the biggest and best musicians to city.

The flexible performances spaces will be completely refurbished to ensure greater comfort for both audiences and artists. The Victorian part of the building will be beautifully restored, as well as our historic cellars being opened up for the first time as a third performance space and state-of-the-art centre for creative learning and engagement.

Our transformation is more than the physical redevelopment of Bristol Beacon. We will also transform our innovative creative learning and engagement work to reach wider and more diverse communities and develop a programme that improves accessibility and diversity in music education.

How can I get information about the Transformation?

Discover more about our Transformation by viewing photos from our construction site, artistic impressions, details of what we’re building.

Read updates on our blog including recent construction milestones and stories about where your donation goes.


Update your contact preferences

If you’d like to hear regularly by email about ways you can support us, you can do so by updating your contact preferences on your Bristol Beacon account.

To update your contact preferences to receive information about how you can support Bristol Beacon, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Bristol Beacon account
  • Click on ‘Contact Preferences’
  • Review your preferences, then click ‘Edit Contact Preferences’
  • Select the relevant option(s) to meet you preference

What made you decide to change your name to Bristol Beacon?

We know that our former name, that of the slave trader Edward Colston, meant that not everyone has felt welcome or that they belong in their city’s concert hall. And if we couldn’t share the joy of live music with everyone, something had to change.

Our organisation was founded long after Colston’s death, and has no direct connection to him, financial or otherwise. We can no longer be a monument to someone who played such a prominent role in the slave trade.

Since the start of our transformation campaign, which we launched in September 2014, we’ve stated that we would be reviewing the name as part of our redevelopment. We made the announcement in April 2017, well before the transformation began in June 2018, to make our intentions clear. We changed our name on 23 September 2020.

Read more information about our new name.

Who are Buffalo?

Buffalo are a fundraising consultancy based in Bristol. They have been supporting the work surrounding our Transformation campaign since 2017, allowing us to reach as much of our audience as possible and maximise support from the public.

Why did Buffalo phone me?

Our team is relatively small and unfortunately we simply don’t have the resources to make all the calls ourselves.

The team at Bristol Beacon work closely with Buffalo to ensure that when they make the call on our behalf, they do so with the greatest of care and understanding. Buffalo are able to share the most up to date and relevant information about our transformation, as well as answering any questions you may have.

Buffalo do not work on commission and 100% of donations received as part of the telephone campaign go to Bristol Beacon’s transformation.

Of course we’d still love to hear from you directly! If you have any questions or feedback please contact Rosa our Development Director by email

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Independent regulator of charitable fundraising

Image of construction

Our Transformation

The transformation of Bristol Beacon is our city’s most extensive ever redevelopment programme in the arts sector.

Discover how we’re creating a celebratory space full of warmth and light will be where music lovers meet, and everyone belongs.

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